What was the one most important thing to you being home educated? 

Being in an area where there were lots of other home educators and my best friend also was home educated.

So how was your home-educated life? 

It was great!  I had lots of free time and got to do choose what I wanted to do.  I love art, singing, acting and just having fun and I got to do all that.

What memories do you have of home education as a child? 

Me and my brothers very much did what we wanted, we did a lot of home made videos and one of my favourite that we did together with my friend and brothers was  ‘The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe’ . Even to this day we have it and it was so much fun, we sang, acted and filmed. My older brother is also into filming now as an adult.

Your mum is a qualified teacher, how did that work for you? 

My mum was very chilled about everything, she just let me choose what I wanted to do. Some teachers can be quite strict and have a set structure and targets but mum was not like that at all.

So did you do what some parents would perceive as  ‘work’?

I would not say it was like ‘work’. We had science with a teacher with other children, she came to our house once a week. We also had drama with a friend’s dad and we did shows. Mum did the Math and English but it was nothing like school or ‘work’. You see I love art and I would spend a lot of time doodling and mum would come up with all these great creative projects and it was just fun.

Did you have a set structure? 

No, we are a pretty creative family and my younger brother loves sports so we just really followed our passions…I never felt we had ‘school’ at home. My older brother was into Math and English. He is still into all that and is he is also working on filming and loves Politics.

Has home education impacted your relationship with your siblings?  You all sound very close.

We are very close. We played music together and did lots of stuff growing up together as a home educating family.

If you could turn back the time would you change anything? 

No, I would not change anything.  Home education exposed me to so much that I would have missed out on in school.

How has home education prepared you for life out in the ‘World’? 

Hmmmm…well I suppose I know who I am. I do not feel I have to follow fads, fashions, or be something for others. I worked here and there on jobs too. For example, at a hairdressers, in web design, music, art. I would not have got to do this if I was at school as I would have had ‘homework’ to do and probably would have wanted to do nothing.

I have moved out from a small village in Sussex to a Big City, London.  I am at University now and I share a place with other students. I am the one that organises payment of bills and I get groups together so we can all learn together and inspire each other. I have friends that have been to school and friends that have been home educated…I find it easy to get on with people across the board. I do find that home-educated kids are more inclusive. Home educated children are ahead of their time.

Do you feel any peer pressure at University?

No, I enjoy being with people but I also enjoy my own time. I notice that some students feel they need to always be doing something or be with someone. I just like my own company when I want to be by myself and socialising when I want to. My friends at University laugh at me sometimes and say Christy is always doing or making something, be it a part time job or some art or something else.

What advise would you give to parents who are home educating? 

Listen to your children, it is as simple as that. I loved art and mum saw that in school I was not enjoying it as I could not do as much as art as I liked. She took me out of school (and I wanted to leave too) and my brother was being home-educated, so I also wanted to be home educated as he seemed to be having more fun. My mum listened to me. And now I am doing an Art Degree at University and I am enjoying it very much. I love art!

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