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What sort of sessions are run at Happy Learners?

Primarily the sessions are all multi-age.  Ages vary all the way from 6yrs through to 15 yrs.

On Wednesdays, we have two age groups; 6-9yr and 10yr+

At present we are enjoying and exploring Art and Natural Wonders of the World.

What sort of subjects do you cover? 

This is quite a tricky question to answer as all the sessions are what may be called ‘cross curricular’ (dare I say….as home educators we do not really see subjects as separate but all cross over and all are integrated) and project based. The main themes are;

  • Science

  • History

  • Geography

  • Art

  • Drama

  • Problem solving with Numbers  (Mathematics)

  • A way with words  (English)

However, in these sessions the children may do maths in art, geography in history, creative writing in drama, geography in science or science in geography …the overlap is endless and of paramount importance as this is true learning and learning that is absorbed deeply, not forgotten a few weeks later.


Is it basically school in a small room? 

We asked some of the children who had been to school in their earlier years and now at Happy Learners  ‘Is this like your school classroom?’ ……and here are their answers…

‘You gotta be kiddin’ me, it is nooooo way like school we have fun here’….11yr

‘I did not like my teachers at school and I love Sue and Christy and Sam but they are not like teachers, they are fun’ …..8yr

‘These sessions are more like social get togethers where we happen to learn and I love what we do here’….13 yr

‘ The difference is you choose what you do and everyone is just great and so creative’….14yr

‘ I get to be with kind children and Christy is funny and will be famous one day'…..8yr

‘Happy Learners is the highlight of my week whereas i used to pretend I had stomach aches on school days’ ….12yr

‘Everyone talks to each other in a non-threatening way and there is respect with lots of fun, at school we had teachers talking down to us and they did not trust us whatsoever, it was like being in some kind of  prison’…..13yr

Thames Side, Kingston upon Thames , KT1 1PX

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