Sue McCormick

I am a mother of three grown-up children which first and foremost has been the most important job I have done!  I am also a fully qualified teacher, having taken a combined degree (BA) in Environmental Studies and English, but having Environmental Studies as my main subject.  After my degree there were 2 paths I was interested in, one was taking a PGCE and going into education and the other was to join an organisation like Greenpeace and save the world!  I decided that education was the best path for me, as I felt that it was where I could be most effective.


My movement into home education came about through finding that all other educational systems were limiting and as a family, once  we moved into home schooling, I saw my children flourish, becoming healthier, happier and more rounded individuals. They thrived in the freedom that it gave them to explore everything and anything they wanted to find out about. As a teacher it also gives me unlimited opportunities too, to bring subject matter from within and outside of any curriculum and be as creative in my teaching methods. This freedom keeps me a happy teacher too!

Outside of teaching, I am also a qualified Holistic Massage Therapist and Vibrational Energy worker, specialising in colour therapy. I keep myself fit by doing Yoga and Aquarobics each week,  skiing in the winter and long walks with my dogs in nature.  I love reading and exploring  the world either through visiting places or travelling.

Khush Mark

I am a mother to two active boys, which by far has been the most rewarding and challenging journey. I am also a practitioner of naturopathy. This includes being qualified as a nutritionist and homeopathy as well detoxing protocols for more chronic conditions such as cancer.

I love what I do and have always done what I loved. From a young age I was always fascinated by biology but I did not know it was called biology.

I started with a BSc in Pharmacology, after this I wanted to know more about what goes on inside a cell not just out side the cell…so I went onto do a MSc in Molecular Toxicology and Pathology. …of course after this I became more curious about cancer itself.….so I went onto to do a PhD in Cancer Research. One could say I love learning!

I then discovered the impact of nutrition on cancer cells and so I went onto specialising in clinical nutrition by doing a MS in the USA.  This course was a complete eye opener. Then a few years later after having set up a clinic in Manhattan and then in London I had my first child. He developed eczema at 6 months of age and it was homeopathy that ‘cured’ it. He could have been a dairy free and gluten free child for the rest of his life but intuitively I knew there was more to it.

His eczema was cleared through treating his birth trauma… as you can imagine this mind-body connection just grabbed me…and so I went onto study homeopathy in London.  Integrating the three approaches, homeopathy, naturopathy and nutrition changed my practice.

I have loved learning all my life and did not know any different until my boys were not enjoying their ‘education’ at school.  So they came out of school and have been learning through living life and joining group sessions and activities.  I can happily say they now love learning as they ‘live life’.

I am also a firm believer in that health is not just what you eat and what you think but your environment too…so our work environment and our children’s learning environment is key in achieving and maintaining vibrant health. home education has provided my children with a nurturing safe environment to learn and be themselves.

I also enjoy reading, walking in nature, spending time with family and friends and learning about other cultures and what makes people unique.


Christy McCormick

From a very young age I was always interested in absolutely anything creative. I attended a Steiner School in Forest Row where creative subjects were very important. I then left school to be home educated along with my two brothers, which was a wonderful experience and helped me to become an independent person and follow what I was truly passionate about, whilst exploring other subjects too. Forest Row had a thriving home education scene and so I was not short of friends to embark on unorthodox projects e.g. making a film, playing music and painting, whatever I could get my hands on. Home education really allowed me to explore creativity in complete freedom.

Whilst exploring the things I was passionate about, I also took some GCSEs but limited myself to those I found interesting e.g. Art and Textile and Design and those I felt I should just get out of the way such as Maths and English in order to get onto my further studies. When I turned 16,  I went to a music college where I studied every aspect of Music; history, theory, composing and of course performing. I think this helped a lot with confidence, as part of the course was to perform in front of large crowds! I went on to study Art, Music, Digital Imaging and Web Design which I enjoyed very much and I think my background as a home-educated child helped me achieve high grades as I was totally driven to do the best I possibly could and enjoyed doing so!


I studied at the London College of Fashion and now work as a freelance Illustrator, graphic designer  and teach of course! I love working with children who love art just as much as I do!  Or if not hope to inspire those who aren’t as taken by the subject and I do this by showing them the many possibilities art can offer because they really are endless.

Thames Side, Kingston upon Thames , KT1 1PX

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